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Tom Mack

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Tom Mack Featured Speaker at Harvard

Featured Speaker at Harvard

I have had the great privileged to share my marketing strategies with the Entrepreneurship Students of Harvard Business School.

Tom Mack Featured Speaker at Microsoft

Featured Speaker at Microsoft

Few corporations garner as much respect as Microsoft and I am honored to have spoken here.

Tom Mack 1977
Tom Mack 1977

It was really a dream come true because I have been writing code most of my life. It all started in 1976 when my father installed a computer terminal in our kitchen.  He was a COBOL and FORTRAN programmer for Grumman Data Systems and he taught me how to write code. The rest is history.

Tom Mack Featured Speaker at NASDAQ

Featured Speaker at NASDAQ

What a truly humbling experience speaking at NASDAQ and seeing my picture up on the NASDAQ Jumbo tron.

Marketing is a universal topic for all industries but few companies really get it right. The bottom line is this, your #1 goal must be to build relationships with your leads, prospects and customers. Any marketing that does not bring you into closer relationship is wasted.

Tom Mack Featured Speaker at Coca-Cola

Featured Speaker at Coca-Cola

I am honored to have spoken at Coca-Cola Headquarters.

Something interesting that I noticed as I walked around Coca-Cola is that everywhere you look there are marketing lessons on display. As a marketing geek (I eat, sleep and breath marketing) I get really excited when I see well implemented marketing delivered for over a decade.

As I teach my marketing strategies and easy to implement systems I am reminded how timeless they really are. The latest wiz-bang hack is not going to stand the test of time like building real human relationships.

Tom Mack Receives Entrepreneurial Innovator Award at Harvard

Award Winning Speaker

Recipient of the Entrepreneurial Innovator Award
Business Experts Forum at Harvard

Recipient of the Lead Generator Award
Expert Story Summit at Harvard Club of Boston

Tom Mack Teaching in New York City

Creator of the “Hot Prospect Formula”

The Hot Prospect Formula is a mathematical formula guaranteed to convert new leads and prospects into cash in the bank sales.

HX + S2 + PC + MX + SMX + MD/C = Hot Prospect

Every sales organization needs this training.

Tom Mack Best-Selling Author

#1 International Best-selling Author of How To Convert Trade Show Leads Into Cash & Customers

How To Convert Trade Show Leads Into Cash And Customers
How To Convert Trade Show Leads Into Cash And Customers by Tom Mack

Are your valuable leads wrapped in a rubber band and stuck in a drawer for safe keeping?

If your're like me, and do a lot of business networking or exhibit at trade shows conferences or seminars then you have probably come home with stacks of business cards.

Then you naturally wrap that stack of business cards with a rubber band and stuck it in a drawer for safe keeping, and you never really do anything with them.

How To Concert Trade Show Leads Into Cash And Customers teaches the step-by-step system that will make you the one and only choice in the eyes of your customers and prospects and guarantee that no lead is ever lost or forgotten.


Tom Mack on ABC TV

Appears Frequently on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV News & Talk Shows

There is no greater compliment than being invited back to a TV station for another interview.